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Google Maps founder unveils new company and adaptive music fitness app, ‘Weav Music & Weav Run’

“What if musicians could make songs that play at any speed and still sound awesome. What if a song could morph to suit any tempo and what if fans could choose the speed. Same Song. Different experience. “

What if this was all made possible with a new adaptive music app?

From the inventors of Google Maps comes an exciting adaptive music experience. Google Maps co-creators, Lars Rasmussen and Elomida Visviki, present their new music company — Weav Music. With music streaming at an all time high and its questionable future services moving forward, Weav Music brings forth a revolutionary method to music listening. Their latest brainchild is a running app called Weav Run, an adaptive music experience that morphs songs to an individual’s speed of motion. The endorphins that are released when running become in sync with the music, in turn, creating an all around better experience.  





Images courtesy of Weav Music

Adaptive Music is a patent-pending musical deliverance style brought forth by Weav Music that will deliver an uncanny experience, especially for fitness listening. When running, the music will match the runner’s step cadence, so that each step always will land on a beat. Weav Run continuously works and re-composes popular music in real-time to sound perfect at virtually any tempo. Created through a two-part software system Weav’s hand-picked music selection will include some of today’s biggest artists made possible through the New-York start-up companies’ partnerships with Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music Group, and many of their affiliated labels.

Weav’s adaptive technology is as much for the fitness type as it is for artists. The listening app’s software system works through a “Weav Mixer” for creating tracks and “Weav Player” that can be embedded in any third party app. Artists can specify how the track should change playing from 60 to 240 bpm, unleashing a vast array of creative possibilities. Music makers will have immense artistic opportunities within each asong perhaps changing the way we consume popular tunes altogether.

Running is likely just the beginning for Weav’s adaptive music technology takeover. While the possibilities for the experience are endless, apps for all manners of fitness —  including meditation, dance, video games, virtual reality and more are surely just around the corner.

Weav Run is somehow still free to download on the iTunes app store here.

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