U-JAYS wireless headphones offer premium listening at an affordable price

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In today’s crowded headphones marketplace, JAYS has gone the extra mile to deliver a premium product for in-the-know listeners who care about superior sound, comfort, and style.


Opening the box on the u-JAYS Wireless headphones, it’s clear that the company put thought into every aspect of their listeners’ experience. Clean, elegant packaging with an easy-to-read instruction manual gets you started right out-of-the-box with crisp clear sound.

After two years of product development, the JAYS team have balanced both form and functionality with their u-JAYS Wireless to deliver a sleek and rugged headphone that’s as useful for DJs as it is for home audiophiles. A soft plush headband and smooth sliding ear cups give listeners a completely custom fit while the soft ear cups snugly nestle onto the ears and dampen external sound.

Technically, the u-JAYS Wireless use premium components for a warm and punchy sound that sounds great across genres. Japanese silk-diaphragm drivers pump accurate low-end without crowding the highs and mids of more lush soundscapes. Metal core construction throughout the headphones ensure a long life, while a detachable modular cord makes it easy to replace and switch between Bluetooth wireless and wired-in listening.

u-jays In addition to the quality sound, a bevy of features are smoothly incorporated into the u-JAYS Wireless as well, with the main one being the wireless Bluetooth listening capabilities. Power on the headphones and connect to your Bluetooth device for 25 hours’ worth of wireless playback – which is definitely on the higher end of headphone battery life we’ve seen.

The u-JAYS will automatically connect to your most recently used device for easy listening. A small color-changing LED indicates the battery level, whether a call is incoming, or if touch lock is activated to prevent unintentional interruption while working out, dancing, etc.

All in all, the JAYS team have delivered a top tier audiophile level headphone, especially considering the price point (MSRP $178.99). JAYS is certainly different kind of company. Started as a passion project in 2006 in an old brewery in central Stockholm, the Swedish company has gone on to (literally) win the ears of some of the music’s most discerning listeners with their range of audio products.


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