Crying in the Rain (Van Gogh & Dave Ramone edit)

Crying in the Rain (Van Gogh & Dave Ramone edit)B5d0k6h01 DiegoCadavid02

Probably one of the most iconic post-acid musicians to ever grace the scene Paul Walden aka Guru Josh is a man among boys in the world of house. However, most of his major success came in the 1990’s and it was not until 2008 when Big City Beats formed The Guru Josh Project and rereleased Infinity 2008 with DJ Klaas that Guru Josh would find major success in the new millennium. Peaking at number 1 around the globe, Infinity was a massive hit and now The Guru Josh Project is back with ‘Crying in the Rain,’ a synthetic, progressive house track that is guaranteed to get you off that seat. I’ve selected the Niels Van Gogh and Dave Ramone Radio Edit as the best from the release. Enjoy!

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