A-Trak Wants You to Dance Till You’re Dead

A-Trak Wants You to Dance Till You’re DeadAtrak1

I’m going to go ahead and say it: A-Trak is the best DJ out there right now. We’ve all heard of Duck Sauce, but A-Trak by himself has long been doing ill-nasty remixes. Some of his best include the remix of Boyz Noise “Oh!” and his most recent one of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads Will Roll.” The “Heads Will Roll” remix has been getting significant airplay across Europe (even his brother, Dave 1 from Chromeo, played the song at back to back concerts in Paris and Berlin this weekend). It’s a club banger for sure.

And just for comparison sake, John Roman, a young, up-and-coming DJ from Toronto (a young, up-and-coming Elektro scene itself) made a remix that predates A-Trak’s by a month or so. Some say it might even be better. Initial opinion though is that Roman’s starts stronger, but ends much weaker, while A-Trak’s is strong throughout.