Spencer & Hill – Trespasser (Barocco remix)

Spencer & Hill – Trespasser (Barocco remix)12575061673

From his pod in outer space the Dancing Astronaut picks up on Gigi Barocco tearing up the new single,’Trespasser,’ from German super DJs Spencer and HIll! The discofunk sounding remix takes the song to a new level.  The remix is guaranteed to get the Coco Chanel chics in the little black dresses shaking it like a polaroid picture. It sounds like the singer is saying “I just wanna beer” but if you listen to the original its just a sample Barocco took from the hook.  For our sake though we’re going to pretend it says “I just  want a beer!” and it’s an ode to Oktoberfest from Spencer and Hill.

Ground Control to DancingAstronaut:  Ear arousal achieved, bitches.