Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Various Remixes)

Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Various Remixes)Img18b

“Hey Hey” has been a huge club hit for some time. We’ve already posted the Funk D and Casey Copa bootleg here on Dancing Astronaut, but a bunch of new remixes of the song just dropped. The first remix is an upbeat electro remix by Vandalism, the producer duo from Australia. The second remix is the newest work by Crookers. Now, Crookers has gotten some flak recently for their movement away from electro/fidget house into newer, somewhat stranger sounds. This remix may get the same type of criticism, but the fact remains this is a very good track. A true drum and bass track with a pretty epic finale. I for one respect their decision to advance their style. They could easily churn out Day N’ Nite remixes, but they’d rather have fun exploring a newer, more interesting sound.

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