Swedish House Mafia – One (Congorock Remix)

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I’ve been sitting on this song for way too long. Heard it first at EDC during

LBL’s set. Congorock is definitely my pick for favorite up and coming producer. His sound is awesome.

Swedish House Mafia – One (Congorock Remix)

There are a bunch of other songs I’ve been dying to post for way too long and just haven’t gotten around to it. Here are three. The first is Bart B More’s remix of Florrie’s hit “Call 911.” I really liked the BeatauCue’s remix and I thought about posting it, but after hearing Bart B More’s version I had to post his. Another HEAVY drop from B More at 1:00.

Florrie – Call 911 (Bart B More Remix)

The next one is Jack Beat’s newest track. It’s a great summer electro house track, with some money wobble.

Jack Beats – Out of Body

Last but not least. I’m not a big dubstep fan by any means, but I was just introduced to Linton Brown by a friend of mine. His stuff is really good, not too much on the bass and not too fast with the breaks. He also does a great job with vocals (although they aren’t featured heavily on this track). This track isn’t new by any means, but watch out for Linton. He reminds me of a more dubby version of Jack Beats. Shout out to JohnBoy for the introduction.

Linton Brown – Horndog

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