Goldhawks – Keep the Fire (Reset! Remix)

Goldhawks – Keep the Fire (Reset! Remix)L A759d614078946658830028b734e9f2e

I’m currently on vacation but I’ve got a slimmer of internet access for the next

24 hours so I figured I’d share some new chunes I’ve been enjoying. First, two relatively new Reset! remixes. If you haven’t heard of this five man producer team then get to learning.

mp3: Goldhawks – Keep The Fire (Reset! Remix)

mp3: Robyn – Hang With Me (Reset! Remix)

Next, these two Louis La Roche tracks aren’t new, but I’ve been loving them recently. La Roche might be my favorite French house producer right now, which is hilarious since he isn’t remotely French.

mp3: Ocelot – Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche remix)

mp3: Louis La Roche – Malfunction (Original Mix)

Also, rumors are that Barbra Streisand will be released very soon. Pumped about it.