Ruff Loaderz & Cut Up Boys – Music Sounds Better With You (various mixes)

Music sounds better with these remixes. The Ruff Loaderz have produced a SEXY track with UK legends Cut Up Boys (best known for mixing Ministry of Sound’s 90s Mash Up album) and revitalized Stardust’s 1998 hit single. Here are a few of the mixes.

UK producer eSquire’s remix turns it into a Banger:

The Club Mix:

The Dubstep Mix:

Full Release: Beatport

The original song, Stardust’s only single, hit #2 on the UK singles chart and was sampled by Daft Punk (which includes one of the members of Stardust) in Alive 2007. Check out their music video, which went on to inspire Daft Punk’s outfits: