Deadmau5 Streaming Live From Club Provacateur NYC

Deadmau5 Streaming Live From Club Provacateur NYCPalladium%20085

Deadmau5 has done something none of us at Dancing Astronaut have seen before. He is streaming his set live from behind the DJ booth at Club Provacateur in New York City. He even directly linked the sound to give whoever tuned in perfect sound quality. I’m watching now and there are over 8000 people enjoying some new tunes including “SOFI Needs A Ladder“, “Raise Your Weapon“, and “Industrial Strength Sleeping Pills.” Can’t wait for this guys next album.

What are everyone’s thoughts about this? Have people seen something like this before, because I definitely haven’t.

Tune in to his UStream to catch his set.

Also, how do people feel after Deadmau5 being house DJ at the VMA’s? I was hoping he was gonna have the same amount of airtime as the other performers. Instead, we got to hear about 10 seconds of him whenever they cut to commercials. We did, however, get a sneak peak at his remix of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own.

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