Chris Brown rips off Calvin Harris? Twitter hosts the controversy

Chris Brown rips off Calvin Harris? Twitter hosts the controversyCalvin Harris

I was a little behind reading the tweets on our Dancing Astronaut Twitter DJ List and I came across this tweet from Calvin:

calvinharris: Choked on my cornflakes when i heard new Chris Brown single this morning:

Here’s the video he linked to:

Unless you’re a sleeping astronaut you’re probably aware that ‘Yeah 3x’ sounds just like Calvin’s 2 year old hit: I’m Not Alone. Calvin’s tweet spawned a major tweet battle (is there a one word slang alternative for ‘tweet battle’?) with retaliation from Chris Brown fans:

WeSupportBreezy: @calvinharris: fuck you dickhead.. hes a dope artist.. and your NEVER gonna be on the same level he is..

Apart from being able to spell correctly, Chris Brown fans successfully spread the battle all over the internet from Youtube to Facebook. Calvin took the attacks very personally and responded to several of the tweeters:

calvinharris: Way out of the top 200. Does that matter? RT @Rosieleto @calvinharriswere are you in the charts? oh wait your not cause your a bag of wank

calvinharris:┬áBest one for me is ‘You’re in the UK why are you commenting on someone doing way better than you’

calvinharris: STILL getting shit from Chris Brown fans! Now they think i set up an anti-Chris Brown Facebook page. SMH

Check out his Twitter page to see the full convo. His first Tweet was not confrontational and I don’t think he deserved any of the attacks he was getting. Some people said he was trying to get attention, but he didn’t schedule a press conference or call Chris Brown out in an interview, he just Tweeted what was on his mind politely. In any case, thanks to Twitter – and Chris Brown’s producer – Calvin should reach a much bigger audience during the lifespan of this Chris Brown single.

And the surprise ending to the story…

People claim that Calvin wasn’t the first person to use the beat either! Check out the 2007 single ‘Saturate’ from the Chemical Brothers.