Burns & Fred Falke – You Stopped Loving Me

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Hot hot hot! After rumors that this track was going to be released on December 5th or December 12th, Fred Falke and Burns stepped it up and released YSLM today, just in time for the holidays. I can’t get enough of any of the mixes (especially Treasure Fingers with the female vocals), so I’m throwing them all up here. This will be featured on Ministry of Sound’s Annual 2011, so you know it’s huge. Get this track now! Nuff said.

Original Mix

Treasure Fingers

Burns European Sex Dub

Linus Loves Remix

And just because we love it so much, here’s the video again:

Full Release: Beatport

BONUS! Check out the original Luther Vandross song that was sampled by Falke and Burns. R&B is great and all, but thank the House Gods for inspiring this new track and sexifying Vandross even more!