Freemasons ft. Wynter Gordon – Believer (Full Release)

Freemasons ft. Wynter Gordon – Believer (Full Release)Wynter Gordon

This message is to Wynter Gordon: your voice is the sexiest thing I have ever heard. I originally thought that “Dirty Talk” could not be topped. Sorry for underestimating you. The vocals in “Believer” are nothing short of spectacular.

Combine those vocals with the sexpertise (yes I said SEXpertise) of TV Rock (these Aussies never stop bringing the heat) and you have a huge ANTHEM. This song is so good even without the sensational vocals it is still a destroyer of clubs.

I offer my hand in marriage to Wynter Gordon…hopefully she accepts.

Dancing Astronaut wants to continue rocking your world so here is the entire release. Your welcome.

The original club mix is massive. Let’s not forget to congratulate the Freemason’s for pure gold with this track.
The original gets a 10,000/10.

Instrumental of the Original…

Very nice Brett Allen & John Voltaire remix….great tune!

Summer of Pride Remix…


TV Rock Instrumental…

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