Alvaro & Afro Bros – Dubbelfrisss (Various Remixes)

Alvaro & Afro Bros – Dubbelfrisss (Various Remixes)Personal Dubbelfrisss

Are you ready for a DUTCH overload? Prepare yourself for some crazy drums and huge drops from the likes of Alvita, Chaosz, and Artistic Raw. They all have frequented Dancing Astronaut before so you know their remixes are of the best quality. Go ahead..give it a listen, but just make sure to have a few “adult beverages” in the fridge…because the party has only begun! RAGE TO THE MAX!

Just in case you were stuck on an island in the middle of can get the original mix here.

BREAKING NEWS: Before you listen to the tracks…we want you to watch this just so you fully understand why “Dubbelfrisss” is so AWESOME!

Alvita [BOMB #1]..

Chaosz [BOMB #2]

Artistic Raw [BOMB #3]

Release: Dance Tunes