Billboard Magazine Year End Dance Club Chart 2010

Billboard Magazine Year End Dance Club Chart 2010JARED F LIVE AT VESSEL

Billboard’s website came out with a list of the most popular songs from 2010 that were played in “dance clubs” (notice the quotation marks). This list was compiled by a national sample of DJ’s and took into account their thoughts and opinions. You can see the entire Billboard Year End Dance Club Chart here. I know what you guys are thinking, where is all the house? Since Billboard is an American company (eventhough it is internationally recognized now) most of the music is not from the house or EDM genre (yes I know…very foreign to us). However, the point of this post is not to frown upon Billboard’s definition of “Dance Club” music. It is too commemorate one of our own…Jared-F. Do me a favor, go back to the chart and look at the track that is listed at number seven. It should read Noferini & Marini vs. Sylvia Tosun – ‘Push N Pull’. Now take a look at this facebook note..notice Jared’s name in the second paragraph of the description. What it fails to tell you is that Jared and Trevor Simpson’s rendition was the number one selling remix out of all of the them! Dancing Astronaut would like to take the time to congratulate Jared on all his hard work and wish him continued success in all his future endeavors!

Noferini & Marini vs. Sylvia Tosun – Push ‘N’ Pull (Jared-F & Trevor Simpson remix) [BOMBA!!]…

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