Dancing Astronaut Presents the 50 Best Songs of 2010: 1-10

Dancing Astronaut Presents the 50 Best Songs of 2010: 1-10DA Top 5021

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of Dancing Astronaut’s top 50 tracks of 2010. I hope all of you are out having an incredible New Years (I’m personally raging at TAO as this is being posted). It’s been an incredible year for both Dancing Astronaut and the EDM world. Our readership has grown larger than we could have ever expected, and you can all look forward to even bigger and better things in 2011. Make sure to check out 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50. Without further ado, the top ten tracks in 2010.

1. Swedish House Mafia – One

Let me start off by saying we know this is a controversial pick. We understand there are going to be plenty of people who believe we are taking the easy way out. The reality is, behind the scenes, there was plenty of discussion about what should be termed the #1 track of 2010, with different people supporting different tracks. However, when we really considered the criteria we used to create this list (support from major DJs, quality of production, etc.), “One” became the obvious choice.

From the Miami WMC on, no song featured in more festival sets than “One.” Add in the fact that the Congorock remix lengthened the life of the track in many ways, allowing for the tune to be played in more than just house and progressive house sets, and “One” is the clear track of the year. Most likely, we will all look back on 2010 as SHM’s year. Their essential mix was just named “Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year.” A documentary about the group came out. The only question is, will they continue their world domination in 2011?

2. Afrojack feat. Eva Simons – Take Over Control

There is no question that Afrojack cemented his arrival at the top of the EDM world in 2010. No track better highlighted Afrojack’s ability to mix back and forth between Dutch and Progressive sounds within the same song than “Take Over Control.” Add in Eva Simons’ beautiful vocals and you have easily one of the best tracks of the year. Overall, while 2010 may have been SHM’s year, we will also look back at this past year as the true arrival of Dutch house. More car alarms and bleeps await us in 2011.

3. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand

Within a week of A-Trak dropping “Barbra Streisand” at Ultra, a blog frenzy had begun. Videos of the song in concert popped up everywhere. Fake remixes became commonplace. While it took all the way until September for the track to finally drop, it did not disappoint.* Easily the most addicting and danceable tune of the year, “Barbra Streisand” has quickly crossed over into the mainstream. Sampling from Boney M’s classic hit “Gotta Go Home”/ Nighttrain’s “Hallo Bimmelbahn,” A-Trak and Armand Van Helden stuck to winning formula to create “Barbra Streisand.” To make the track even better, it came with a great music video, featuring an impressive array of cameos.

(* It is worth mentioning that the only negative aspect of the track was the frustratingly long wait. While it was most likely a result of difficulty in getting samples cleared, it certainly took some of the luster off the track once it finally dropped. I’m worried that this trend will continue well into future of Electronic Dance Music. Stay tuned for our “where the fuck are these tracks?” post within the next few weeks.)

4. Wynter Gordon feat. David Guetta – Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix)

Laidback Luke. Laidback Luke. Laidback Luke. There really isn’t anything else to say. Luke had yet another massive year and “Dirty Talk” was the highlight. It has everything: impressive vocals, a great buildup, and a ridiculous drop. In my opinion, the most consistent producer out there right now. He easily produces around 10 good tracks every year, while simultaneously throwing down epic sets all across the world. Hall of Famer all the way.

5. Congorock feat. Mr. Lexx – Babylon

It says a lot about this electro track that it dropped in January and one of the best progressive house producers, Avicii, dropped it in his DECEMBER essential mix. The only track to rival “One” for worldwide DJ support and universal appeal, everyone from A-Trak to Steve Aoki to Benny Benassi to David Guetta to the Swedish House Mafia featured “Babylon” as a centerpiece of their sets at some point in 2010. Basically everyone. Containing an almost reggae feel at times, the track is led by a thumping hi-hat and bass all leading up to an epic drop that showcases Congorock’s unique sound (almost sounds like an electronic didgeridoo…). This track absolutely jumps out of the speakers at you. Easily one of my favorite producers at this point, Congorock is my producer to watch for in 2011.

6. Tim Berg – Bromance (The Love You Seek) (Avicii’s Extended Vocal Mix)

My favorite progressive house tune from the year, Bromance highlighted an unbelievable year for Tim Berg aka Avicii. The original was unbelievable, but when the vocals were added, it really took the track to a new level. The track even came with its own hilarious music video. If Avicii’s essential mix was any indication (I’m thinking specifically of the two new tracks between the 32nd and 38th minutes), we can expect an even bigger 2011 for Avicii.

7. Dennis Ferrer – Hey! Hey! (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix)

While I don’t consider myself a deep house fan by any measure, there is something incredibly addictive about Ferrer’s huge club hit. The track was so popular that, at its height, it reached number 1 on the UK’s top 40 dance singles, something often reserved for pop house hits. Pretty impressive for the New York/New Jersey based producer and founder of Objektivity record label.

8. Boys Noize – Yeah (Original Mix)

My personal favorite producer in the world, German producer Boys Noize had yet another impressive year in 2010. Released in combination with “1010” as Boys Noize Records 50th Anniversary Release, “Yeah” is as happy and addicting a song as any released in 2010, enjoying support from producers such as Wolfgang Gartner, Fake Blood, and many others. In addition, with “Yeah”, Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha is poised to possibly win the Beatport award for best Indie Dance/Nu-Disco track after getting second (“Jeffer”) and third (“Waves”) last year. In addition, he also has a good chance to win the Beatport award for best Indie Dance producer for the second year in a row. If you are ever given the opportunity to see him live, take it. He puts on some of the most energetic and fun sets around.

9. Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica (Extended Mix)

After 3 weeks and 300 hours of work, Wolfgang Gartner finally dropped the highlight of his 2010 work in October. More than any other producer, in my opinion, Gartner aka Joey Youngman from San Francisco (yup yup) works hard to build upon his melodies throughout the track. There is no wasted space. Minute 3 is as good as minute 5, while managing to sound similar and different at the same time. Illmerica is one of the few songs I’m willing to play for nearly five minutes straight in a DJ set without worrying that the crowd is going to get bored.

10. Axwell feat. Errol Reid – Nothing But Love (Axwell vs. Daddy’s Groove Remix)

Let me be the first to say that anything Axwell touches turns to gold. You want to know how talented this guy actually is? Every time you hear “In The Air” is that not the highlight of the set you are listening to..or close to it? Most of the time we describe tracks as “bangers” or “huge”..however Axwell’s tracks are festival pleasers. We had a hard time deciding whether his “Teenage Crime” or “Nothing But Love 4 You” should be his top song, however after seeing the likes of Dave Aude, Sebastian Ingrosso, Avicii, David Guetta, Cedric Gervais, Jared F, and Nima G drop this track consistently…it became a clear cut no brainer to close our top 10 out with this one.

Sky walker’s Honorable Mentions:

Harvard Bass & Bart B More – Listen to This

One of my favorite tracks of the year, this gem somehow missed sneaking into the top 50. In my opinion, this track has the best drop of the year and it makes crowds go crazy.

Aniki – Lesbian Bondage Fiasco

I’d never heard of Aniki before fellow editor Zeyad introduced me to him earlier this year. This track quickly jumped to the top of my most played. It is also a longshot to place in the top three of the Beatport awards for best Indie Dance/Nu-Disco track of the year. I’m definitely keeping my eye on Aniki in 2011.

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