Is Pitbull’s ‘Bon, Bon’ a heist? Alvaro speaks the truth!

Alvaro created a bootleg remix to Yolanda Be Cool & DCup’s massive hit “We No Speak Americano”. Dancing Astronaut provided you with the bootleg version in a previous post (you can see it here again). Initially, Alvaro gave this bootleg away for free to all his fans (uploaded below). However, Daily Tunez (major props to the folks there) noticed that Pitbull used Alvaro’s bootleg for his song “Bon Bon”. After briefly speaking with Alvaro, he stated that Pitbull’s management never contacted him in any form. This song is on his official album “Armando” and Alvaro is not even stated in the credits! Watch the video posted above to get more details!

Now, don’t get me wrong here…I respect Pitbull’s taste in house music. I would personally much rather listen to a Pitbull track then some “gangster rap” song, due to the fact that it at least gets the dancefloor moving. It is definitely a step up from the normal “rap scene”. I enjoy the songs that Pitbull drew inspiration from: they include “Destination Calabria”, “Push The Feeling On”, and “We No Speak Americano”. These are classic hits that should not be meddled with. After hearing Pitbull’s version of the songs in some standard bars I couldn’t help but notice that it is somewhat ruining the original versions’ for me. Take a listen, I guarantee all of you will love the classic tracks, but you could do without the Pitbull version?

This brings us to another question…does the house world need to bridge the gap with pop/hip hop and combine forces? Think: David Guetta & Akon – Sexy Bitch. We are seeing this quite frequently now, and I know that the artists could potentially make a huge amount of money, but there definitely is a fine line between joining forces and completely destroying the integrity of a song. I am not saying that David Guetta or Afrojack should stop producing for pop artists, but I just do not want to see another great house song get destroyed by musical talents that are not up to the task.

Even if you don’t mind the new attention that house music is getting, it is concerning that Pitbull is taking a production from Alvaro and not giving him any credit. Pitbull already has enough money and fame, so he can afford to share some of his profits with Alvaro. Imagine if someone took your work and kept 100% of the profits AND didn’t give you public credit. Does anyone know if Pitbull paid the Nightcrawlers or Alex Gaudino for using their beats?

Below I have uploaded a few of Pitbull’s latest tracks for you to listen against the original version. After listening to least a small portion of you will want to keep house music ‘pure”. Remember, house listeners are superior to all and whether you choose to believe it or not…this is a fact.

Pitbull – Hotel Room Service vs. The Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

Pitbull – Calle Ocho vs. Alex Gaudino – Destination Calabria

Pitbull – Bon, Bon vs. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano (Alvaro Bootleg)

BONUS: Check out Afrojack’s production of “Maldito Alcohol” for Pitbull

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