Forgotten Friday: Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk (Kim Fai Remix)

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Here at Dancing Astronaut we aim to set new trends while keeping everyone up to date with the latest Electronic Dance Music. However, with so much innovation within our favorite music genre it is relatively easy for a few ‘anthems’ to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Our newest ‘trend’ will allow everyone the chance to go back in time and either remember a track that has not gotten the exposure it deserves or for the song to regain exposure from our fan base through this post. Forgotten Fridays differ from our old trend Throwback Thursdays in that it does not require a timetable for evaluation. A relatively new song can be a Forgotten Friday if we feel that that the requirements written below have been achieved.

In order to qualify for a Forgotten Friday the track must have:

A. Been overshadowed by another remix of the same song.

B. Been completely overlooked and not received the air time it deserves due to ‘bigger’ releases that came out around the same time period.

Our first ever Forgotten Friday is Kim Fai’s remix of Wynter Gordon’s massive track ‘Dirty Talk’. Everyone knows that Laidback Luke’s version was off the chart’s good (it finished within the top 10 of our 2010’s top 50 chart). However, Kim Fai remix was incredible and took a backseat due to Luke’s big room appeal. Listen to both remixes (Luke’s and Kim Fai’s) and you will understand why Kim Fai’s remix deserves the spotlight once more.

NOTE: I am in no way saying that Kim Fai’s remix is better than Laidback Luke’s. I AM saying that Kim Fai’s remix should be played more because it is a bomber!

Kim Fai remix…

Laidback Luke remix…

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