Kaskade Pack (3 Tracks)

Kaskade Pack (3 Tracks)462kaskade2lo4site

Kaskade recently released these three tracks on his soundcloud for download (click the arrow pointed downward on the player) recently. Out of these three songs, his most recent release is my favorite. His ‘Beestung’ remix is an excellent progressive sound, it also has touches of slight dubstep and harder electro. Is Kaskade creating a new sound for 2011 (check out Dancing Astronaut for his first 2011 release, it has the same elements from ‘Beestung’)? The folks at Dancing Astronaut will definitely keep you posted.

Zip Zip Through The Night – Beestung (Kaskade’s Grand Mix) [BOMBER]

Joachim Garraud – The Computer (Kaskade Mix)

Noisettes – Never Forget You (Kaskade Mix)

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