Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.2011

Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.20115322195421 0351886576 Z

On New Years Day, Ruby Skye San Francisco hosted Dancing Astronaut favorite, Laidback Luke. A few Astronaut’s had the pleasure of seeing him at TAO (Los Angeles) and thought that his set was the highlight of the night. On New Years Eve, he not only did the year ending countdown but included some new touches I had never seen from him before. We were curious to see if his New Years Day set at Ruby Skye was going to match the energy of his New Years Eve set. Perhaps playing for a massive crowd at the TAO festival the night before had exhausted him… no! After watching his performance at Ruby Skye, we learned that Laidback Luke is inexhaustible when he’s on stage. Not only did he match his previous night’s performance, but he reached an even higher level.

First, some context. Here is a Tweet from Luke right after his TAO performance.

Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.2011Screen Shot 2011 01 05 At 12.56.53 PM

When he got on stage after Dada Life’s explosive set at TAO, it appeared that there was a slight technical difficulty. However, I’m sure almost no one noticed this because he was still able to start promptly and put on a monumental show. I was even more impressed after reading the Tweet that he was able to pull off such a tremendous perfomance without his headphone channel being on point. But back to our story… we were able to witness Luke in his full creative capacity in a much more intimate environment the next night at Ruby Skye.

Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.20115322900700 D81206bcb6 Z

Before Luke’s set, a few of the Astronauts got to spend some time with Luke in the VIP room. He’s just as nice and awesome as you would expect. We got an opportunity to film a video interview with him (hosted by Jared-F) which we will be posted shortly. [BOMB Experience #1]

Also thanks to Ruby Skye and Tom and Tony (Luke’s Management) for letting us get our photographer and video man on stage with Luke (props to Dave and Justin for capturing the shots). Video footage coming soon.

The first highlight of the night was when Luke dropped Nicky Romero’s remix of ‘Flash’. This song is the utter definition of a big room banger. The crowd was rockin’, but the night was just getting started.

Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)

A few minutes after unleashing ‘Flash’ he came out with Tai’s ‘Rocking The Set (Gianni Marino Remix)’ that got everyone jumping to new heights. I had never experienced this remix live… definitely a ‘must-have’. [BOMB Experience #2]

The next three songs (back to back to back) made everyone reach for the stars. To prepare us for this barrage of bangers, Laidback Luke flipped in his trademark backwards and forwards ‘L’ move which immediately earned repetitions from the audience. [BOMB Experience #3]

1. Sandro Silva – Told Ya (Original Mix)

2. Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette – Hello! (Sidney Samson Remix)

It all culminated in maybe his hottest track (even to this date)…’ I like it when you talk talk dirty when you talk talk’!!!

3. Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix)

Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.20115322203719 8987c745c7 Z

Most people know that Laidback Luke is one of the most dexterous electronic DJ’s so they don’t go to his shows just to listen to hot tracks. One prime display of his mixing skill was a mashup of his remix of iSquare’s ‘Hey Sexy Lady’ and Steve Angello’s ‘Teasing Mr. Charlie’ interspersed with Calvin Harris’ ‘Flashback’. Amazing does not even begin to describe the way this sounded. [BOMB Experience #4]

Teasing Mr. Charlie…

Hey Sexy Lady..


Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.20115322171591 Cf1556d6af Z

My personal favorite part of the set was Luke’s ‘Blauapella’ vs ‘Blau’ mix. ‘Blauapella’, if you haven’t heard it already, is an acapella version of Laidback Luke and Lee Mortimer’s ‘Blau’. Confirming our suspicion, Luke told us that he and his friends recorded the vocals themselves! If you have not heard the acapella version..please click play below it is quite the treat.┬áIf you like acapella beats, check out Crookers’ acapella version of Day N Nite… hilarious! While the audience was smiling and exchanging glances of disbelief, Luke switched to the ‘Blau (Original Mix)’ right at the drop. At this moment, the crowd instantly erupted into a burst of energy and applause. Folks, this is the Albert Einstein of house music. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet…do so immediately because this train is heating up faster than Andrew Luck’s NFL draft stock. [BOMB, HUGE, ANTHEM, TREASURE Experience #5]

Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau!…

Laidback Luke, Gina Turner, Tony Dekker, Eric Fender & Tomster – Blau Acapella [AMAZING!!!!!]…

Let it be known that this is the greatest live set I have ever witnessed and the greatest crowd I have ever been a part of. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this. Still sends chills down my spine even thinking about January 1st, 2011 a day that will live in FAME.

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Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.20115322388381 1728996db4 Z

Laidback Luke @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 1.1.20115322352735 Ab0a4a4750 Z

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