Dancing Astronaut Presents Anthem @ Slide San Francisco 2.17.2010

Dancing Astronaut Presents Anthem @ Slide San Francisco 2.17.2010ANTHEM 2.171

Preparation for ‘Anthem’ is very necessary. When I say prepare I do not mean dress up sharp, I mean physically, mentally, and spiritually prepare for a night of mayhem that you will not forget (unless alcohol consumption aids you in doing so). Most people hate quizzes, but I have formulated a short one that I know you will answer correctly.

1. Why should I go to ‘Anthem’?

A) to meet fun/exciting/great looking people.

B) to drink

C) to listen to great music

D) all of the above

2. What drink specials are there at ‘Anthem’?

A) free champagne before 11 PM

B) bottles of Grey Goose starting at $150 (standard price $300)

C) both A and B

For those of you that were on the fence about question 1 or 2 (or maybe both) the correct answers were D and C respectively. Most people decide to come out for a night of fun (question 1) for one out of the those three reasons…here at Dancing Astronaut we provide an amazing venue that provides all three at the same time. When you walk into Slide (before 11 PM) please request for your free drink ticket at the front door by mentioning “DANCING ASTRONAUT”, this will enable you to get your night started off in the correct fashion. As always, Dancing Astronaut wants to remain as the most innovative team the world has to offer. For this month’s ‘Anthem’ we have added a new (and might I add awesome) opening DJ. David Gregory will be opening with straight fire to warm everyone up for an absolute rager. As always Jared-F and Nima-G will be on the 1’s and 2’s destroying dancefloors. Also upon arrival if you would like to cut shapes into Slide’s floor with Dancing Astronaut (due to excessive dancing) just ask any of us and we will be more than happy to oblige. Remember this week’s theme/motto is to prepare.

Hosted by: SOJIVE, Daron Presents, Ali Presents

Below are a few mixes/tracks by each of our DJ’s to warm your soul up in the proper manner.

David Gregory’s newest mix!

Nima G’s ‘World’s Apart’

Part I…                Part II…


Jared F: Stay tuned for a post on his hottest track released on Pacha’s newest compilation!

Hope to see you all there! Remember doors open at 9 PM, however Dancing Astronaut will be engaging in banter at a  very early hour! Please post any song requests you might have in the comment section of this post! N-JOY ANTHEM TO THE MAX!

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