New Blood Of Dubstep Volume 1

New Blood Of Dubstep Volume 1Playme2


On February 1st, Play Me Records released 18 new dubstep tracks straight from the finger tips of the wobble demons. Every single track on the record is dark, filthy, and downright incredible. The compilation of unknown artists, introduced on Beatport, is littered with up-and-coming talent. This is a pot of gold for all you grimy dubstep wobbleheads. Take a look through the album and find some perfect tracks to drop into your new dubstep set, or gather some dirty beats to rattle the mirrors while you drive.

Highlights from the New Blood of Dubstep compilation:

Dubsidia: An English-Japanese duo who want to kill all humans with their tantric robotic sound f***ing.

Dubsidia – Kill Humans (Original Mix) DEMO Play Me Too Records

SKUMSTEP: A noobie to the dubstep scene. The producer from Norwich, Britain is quickly gaining popularity. Blow your brains out with this one…

SKUMSTEP- Mind Fucked!

Oblivion: This Minnesota based dubstep producer is showing the world that the mid west doesn’t screw around. The end of the world is coming to a ominous end…

Oblivion – Armageddon

-keep it dirty

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