Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11

Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11180109 1709090760767 1043010714 32093703 7284845 N2

Imagine this situation: Hundreds of people surrounding you, jumping in unison, having the time of their lives, dirty Dutch/electro emitting from the dozens of speakers at Ruby Skye. Great feeling, isn’t it? On February 5th, we not only had the pleasure of meeting the Bingo Players and seeing them perform, but we had double the fun when Joachim Garraud killed it with his ‘keytar’ (guitar/keyboard hybrid). The energy was unparalleled and on a ‘fun scale’ from 1-10 we hit about a 13.356. Needless to say the roof nearly blew off.

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Maarten and Paul, better known as the Bingo Players, started the night off in a superb fashion with Fedde Le Grand’s remix of ‘Missing’. Like two gladiators in the arena, they were fist pumping and chest thumping to the roar of the crowd. Massive amounts of people poured into the already packed Ruby Skye main floor as the drop started hitting. Quickly and effortlessly they transitioned into Fatboy Slim’s ‘Star 69’. The instant this dropped everyone’s arms started lifting up as if to salute the Bingo Players for their mastery.

Everything But The Girl – Missing (Fedde Le Grand Remix)…

Fatboy Slim – Star 69 via YouTube

After a few tracks to ‘warm up’ the crowd…they started going HARD, dropping a combination of earth-shattering tracks that had everyone’s heads rocking back and forth. In brilliant form, they transitioned from Daft Punk’s blockbuster hit ‘One More Time’ to an incredible remix from Swedish DJ’s Mike Candys and Jack Holiday.

Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11181629 1709056959922 1043010714 32093568 3030764 N

In the middle of the vocals of ‘One More Time’ they mixed in Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’. As soon as the epic beginning took off the crowd went into absolute euphoria (obviously the Astronauts were jumping the highest!).

Swedish House Mafia – One (Original Mix)…

They started to bring the FIRE with ‘Move It 2 The Drum’ followed by Nicky Romero’s remix of ‘Flash’.

Chuckie & Hardwell ft. Ambush – Move It 2 The Drum (Original Mix)…

Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)…

Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11180665 1709092000798 1043010714 32093709 6599993 N

When ‘Tom’s Diner’ dropped it was almost as if a shot of adrenaline was injected into every clubber in the building. Everyone simultaneously was humming ‘duh duh da da duh duh da da’. Obviously, the Bingo Players track ‘Obviously’ was loved by all in attendance (pun intended).

Bingo Players – Tom’s Diner (After Lunch Remix)…

Bingo Players & Carl Tricks – Obviously (Original Mix)…

After dropping these tracks they transitioned into a few ‘poppier’ tracks like Pitbull’s ‘Krazy’ and ‘Baby Got Back’. The highlight of the more mainstream portion of their set was Laidback Luke’s bootleg ‘Knas Episode,’ a great combination of Dr. Dre’s ‘Next Episode’ and Steve Angello’s ‘Knas’.

Fuzzy Hair – Ilike (Joachim Garraud Remix)…

Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11182005 1709066880170 1043010714 32093605 3004070 N

As the night reached the wee hours of the morning Joachim Garraud went in front of the stage to play on his keytar while a song was playing in the background. He masterfully played the chords to Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ on the keytar while Congorock’s ‘Babylon’ was destroying everyone’s eardrums.

Coldplay – Clocks via YouTube

Congorock – Babylon (Original Mix)

One of the big moments of the night occurred when he used the vocals of Empire of The Sun’s – Walking On A Dream and then slowly transitioned into Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand’. EPIC does not even begin to describe everyone’s reaction.

Empire of The Sun – Walking On A Dream via YouTube

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Original Mix)…

Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11180477 1709072600313 1043010714 32093627 5751037 N

Joachim killed it, not only with his epic peformance on the 1’s and 2’s, but with his brilliant performance on the keytar. People enjoyed watching the combination of multiple instruments create an aura of excitement and awe in the building. While Joachim was dropping the biggest electro tracks ever, we were getting to know Paul and Maarten (Bingo Players). I can honestly say they are the two most humble superstar DJs I have ever met. Not only are they fun-loving and cool, but they also went out of their way to make sure everyone surrounding them was having an equal amount of fun. Being there on that night was truly a blessing and I am honored to call the Bingo Players my friends. That being said, Joachim Garraud’s performance was unbelievable and I am excited to see what type of heat he brings to Coachella and Ultra Music Festival. This is only the beginning to an exciting few months Dancing Astronaut has in store for you!

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Review: Bingo Players/Joachim Garraud @ Ruby Skye SF 2.5.11180889 1709085480635 1043010714 32093677 2477815 N

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