The Next Traktor Generation

Native Instruments has finally announced their latest version of the popular Traktor software. DJs around the world have shifted towards using the new Traktor Kontrol controllers (including our very own Jared-F and Nima-G). For those of you that switched…you will be excited to know that the next generation of the Traktor family comes out April 1st and has been re-engineered for maximum power and simplicity. The new Traktor 2 technology allows you to become more intuitive with the new TruWave colored waveforms which drastically changes the way you configure your audio interface and controllers. There is also improved (more powerful) looping and cueing features, and a software that adapts to your style while providing many easy-to-use features.

Download the trial version here!

Needless to say..all of us at Dancing Astronaut cannot wait to get our hands on this!