Bruno Mars – Grenade (Michael Meds Mix)Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars – Grenade (Michael Meds Mix)

Bruno Mars – best known for his emotive vocals and incredible range – has become a household name within a year’s time, and DJs are also taking notice. The challenge in remixing this particular song (and most other Bruno Mars songs) comes in the form of incorporating Bruno’s inherently melodic vocals without having them outshine the beat.

Faced with a formidable task, Michael Meds decides to take a different approach from John De Sohn (whose remix can be found just below) by keeping the original vocals intact and coupling them with an original instrumental melody that is highly palatable; trance fans will likely gravitate towards this remix a bit more. The fantastically HUGE drop comes in at the 1:35 mark:

Bruno Mars – Grenade (Michael Meds Mix):

Easy come, easy go…