Chris Brown – Yeah 3X! (DJ Berrie Club/Dub Mix)DJBerrie

Chris Brown – Yeah 3X! (DJ Berrie Club/Dub Mix)

Formerly labeled by NY Observer as a “Trust Fund DJ,” DJ Berrie has an impressive resume, having spun internationally and privately for the likes of 50 Cent, P. Diddy, Kanye West, Paris Hilton, and Pharrell Williams. Critics cite his family’s fortune and connections as the bridge to Berrie’s success, but none of it would have likely been feasible without a good amount of raw talent and hard work. Spinning his first NY gig at the early age of 16, DJ Berrie now represents the world-renowned Ultra Records as a signed artist.

Notwithstanding his silver spoon, DJ Berrie continues to focus on creating quality music and certainly proves his detractors wrong with his deceptively vivacious remixes of Chris Brown’s club banger. If you’re a fan of steady, melodic piano builds, pay close attention from 1:15 – 3:00:

Chris Brown – Yeah 3X! (DJ Berrie Club Mix):

If you’re more the grungy type, enjoy the more industrial dub remix:

Chris Brown – Yeah 3X! (DJ Berrie Dub Mix):

Above graphic by yours truly ;)