Designer Drugs NEW album – Hardcore/Softcore

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Electronic dance music continues to envelop new styles and sounds from all over the globe.  This time, with a combination of synthesized electronic demonic anger. 130bpm hardcore and droning underground softcore.

You might know Designer Drugs as a New York based, ‘gutterhouse’ DJ duo who’s remixes have incorporated everybody from Mariah Carey to Annie to Thieves Like Us. Pioneers in the scene, Designer Drugs have stuck again. Hardcore/Softcore, the new album features sounds from all across the dance music umbrella. Raining down the garage style, screamo grunge house, mixed with the melodic samples of synthesized Gregorian chant.

Designer Drugs feed the beast this February with a dirty little sacrament to a new era of dance music entitled “Hardcore/Softcore“. Designer Dugs are doyens of  ‘gutterhouse’. A coined term that traveled more than 300,000 miles this past year. A feat most full time DJs would have trouble accumulating without a personal air transport vessel to deliver the fire.

Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson developed a little monster to hand over, an ear threatening symphony of whispered love and screaming hate.

Ranging from Indie Nu Disco to Hardcore, Designer Drug’s new album brings you up to date and into the scene. Stretching synthesized vocals from Gregorian chant, and distorted Screamo, this is a serving of industrial strength melodic grunge electro. It’s all dark, it’s all demonic, and it’s exactly what you want to hear. Hardcore/Softcore embodies a modern day garage punk album with with sex appeal. The third cut, “Drop Down”, says it all; Joey Ramone shove over, and ladies, spread ’em! “Drop down, let me give it to ya.” This is the new sound of Designer Drugs, and it’s time to thunder.

Designer Drugs – Drop Down

Designer Drugs. A name that is most closely related with an anarchist’s ideal: American pharmaceutical abuse, pill poppers in every house living better through chemistry. Exploiting the full potential of Doc’s prescription pad, their message is unspoken. Rough and edgy, take a dose of “Dead Meat“, and see what the rave is about.

Designer Drugs – Dead Meat

Softcore makes it’s first appearance in “For All We Know” with droning vocals against a rotor-blade like bass line. Drawing from an indy sound, the drums and guitars sound exactly like something off a Nirvana album, bellowing through a tunnel. Euphoria sets in with the swell of the guitar and thin reverberated vocals, moving upward into a plunge. The movement of For All We Know, pulls the darkness into the mood. Suddenly, the lights get darker and the sound deepens with “Follow Me“.

Designer Drugs – For All We Know

Check the bills in the scene this year. Designer Drugs is a show you want to catch. “Even though we’re mellow, there’s lots of stage diving and almost slam dancing. It’s next level dance club shit that almost morphs into that ‘90s hardcore/punk vibe.” -Michael Vincent Patrick, Designer Drugs

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