Dev ft. The Cataracs – In The DarkDev

Dev ft. The Cataracs – In The Dark

While the Cataracs are not widely known for their productions beyond indie and pop, they continue to evolve their sound and it appears their spinning bottle is now pointing towards house.

If one could squeeze the sensation of drinking ice cold lemonade on a scorching summer day into a single tune, this would be the outcome. Dev laces the track with her luring vocals throughout, but “In The Dark” really takes off at the 0:32 drop – the brass (reminiscent of Yolanda Be Cool) comes in and immediately transports the unassuming listener from a dark night club in New York to the waterfront dance floors of Ibiza.

I can guarantee this will blossom into a summer fiesta favorite, so give it a listen here before it gets overplayed.

Dev ft. The Cataracs – In The Dark:

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