His Majesty Andre – Battle of the Spurs EP

His Majesty Andre – Battle of the Spurs EPL

I can’t believe I missed this last month. One of my favorite producers, His Majesty Andre, released an EP on Herve’s Cheap Thrills Label that featured a host of tracks that have been hyped for a lonnnggg time. The two most notable are Spades and BBQ Sauce. BBQ Sauce is a particularly interesting track. As the story goes, it was originally just a small demo his majesty made and gave to Jaymo and Andy George, who played it out on their radio show on BBC Radio 1 over a year ago. The track received such positive feedback Andre made it into a full track. Regardless, both tracks are probably the best disco house tracks released so far this year.

His Majesty Andre – BBQ Sauce (Original Mix)

His Majesty Andre – Spades (Original Mix)

Pick up the full EP, all of which is fantastic, on Beatport.