James Zabiela – BlameJames Zabiela1

James Zabiela – Blame

Pioneer’s poster boy and master of the CDJ turntable James Zabiela is back with his first solo release since early 2010. James is known for his eclectic selection of music and his ability to restructure other peoples music with ease, but rarely does he release a track of his own. Although his releases are far and few between, when he does release a track its nothing but pure genius. When listening to this track you can really hear his multiple influences ranging from Electronica all the way down to Techno, and the blend of all these styles yields a very unique and enjoyable track to listen to. Zabiela’s mixing and mastering of this track are of the utmost quality. Take a listen, you can hear how clean and crisp each sound is.

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Original mix

Tom Buddens Alive Remix

Robert Babiez Remix