Spencer & Hill – I Spy (Various Mixes)Spencer

Spencer & Hill – I Spy (Various Mixes)

Spencer & Hill originally came out with ‘I Spy’ in 2008 (seems so long ago huh?). There are three tracks in this package, the 2011 remake, the original 2008 version, and the Hard Rock Sofa remix. All three are awesome, let’s breakdown the components to see which one you are a fan of.

2008 (First Version)…

This has that ‘feel good’ sound to it. It is definitely  a more progressive techno feel than we usually see from Spencer & Hill. A great tune to rock out in the gym with!

2011 remake…

Definitely a much harder sound than the 2008 version. The build up is sweet and the drop is just straight nasty! This has all the elements of a dancefloor destroyer. Be sure to get ready to jump and down continuously when this is played.

Hard Rock Sofa Remix…

Disco build up? Check. Electro-house feel? Check. Sweet drop? Check. Crowd going wild? BOLD CHECK. Nuff said click play get blown away.

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