Alesso – Dynamite EPAlesso

Alesso – Dynamite EP

Dancing Astronaut had interviews with Thomas Gold and Avicii in Miami. We asked both of them: “If you could name one up and coming artist who would it be?” You want to know what they said? I’ll give you a second to come up with the answer…(come on you’ll get it)…(and TIME!). Alesso! When two of the biggest names both proclaim that this guy is the truth, well needless to say he will become a Dancing Astronaut regular. You are all familiar with his Dune – Heiress Of Valentina Remix. Here is his new EP that launched on March 2nd (better late than never) that includes two songs: ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Nillionaire’. The Swedish House Mafia played ‘Nillionaire’ in their unbelievable set at the Masquerade Motel. With the support from Thomas Gold, Avicii, and the mafia…do I really need to qualify him anymore?



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BONUS: Alesso vs. Axwell – Together Nillionaire (MKC Bootleg) [HUGE, HUGE!]

Download: Alesso vs Axwell -Together Nillionaire MKC Reboot