Amy Meredith – Young At Heart (Angger Dimas Remix)Angger Dimas E1316499430517

Amy Meredith – Young At Heart (Angger Dimas Remix)

Fact (1): Angger Dimas should no longer be considered an ‘up and coming DJ with talent’. Folks, after following him for quite some time this man has arrived in full force. If you are not familiar with his material, start listening now…he is set for big things in the near future.

Fact (2): Amy Meredith sounds like a female songwriter/singer right? If you thought that you would be wrong…Amy Meredith is an Australian pop band that consists of five members.

Opinionated Fact (3): Has there been a better album than Tiesto’s Club Life Volume 1: Las Vegas this year? The entire album consists of great tracks. This is why Tiesto has been one of the most sought after performers year after year. The guy never stops bringing it.

The original version of ‘Young At Heart’ is actually pretty darn good if you like upbeat pop-rock songs. Angger Dimas adds a huge bassline and has Avicii’s signature sound incorporated into the track at about 2:59. When you hear this at your next party/ night out make sure to shuffle aggressively.

Purchase: Club Life Volume 1: Las Vegas