As Tequileiras do Funk & DJ Gasparzinho – Surra De Bunda (Various Remixes)

The Surra De Bunda is a Brazilian dance invented by the group Tequileiras do Funk. During the performance bikini clad dancers invite men to the stage, parade around them, throw their ankles up on the men’s shoulders, and start thrusting their buttocks into the man’s face to the rhythm of the beat. Surra De Bunda in loose translation (Brazilian Portuguese) means “butt beat” or “butt pounding”. Watch the “instructional” video above to perform this dance routine yourself or simply get a good laugh out of knowing that Sidney Samson and Gregor Salto have remixed this so that EDM lovers can start performing this in the middle of the club.

Sidney Samson’s remix incorporates his usual bleepy Dutch drop along with the vocals from the original.

Dance Recommendation: The men in the dance routine should start fist pumping as soon as the drop and buttocks come at them.

Gregor Salto’s remix gives us a dose of tribal flavor and a sweet build up. Love the drums as the chorus begins!

Dance Recommendation: This is a ‘tribal house’ remix therefore the dance moves need to represent something unique and native. I suggest for all female dancers to thrust their buttocks into the face of their counterpart and then violently start shaking it as fast as they possibly can. TRIBAL.

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