Crookers presents Dr. Gonzo – Bust ‘Em Up EPCrookers 8

Crookers presents Dr. Gonzo – Bust ‘Em Up EP

It’s been a long time coming, but Phra and Bot, aka everyone’s favorite Italian duo Crookers, have finally released the debut EP for their newest side project, Dr. Gonzo. The EP features three tracks which they produced with the help of Savage Skulls, Neoteric, and Wax Motif. Of the three, my personal favorite is definitely Bust ‘Em Up, but all three are fantastic.

Dr. Gonzo & Savage Skulls – Bust ’em Up

Dr. Gonzo, Neoteric, Wax Motif – Springer (Original Mix)

Dr. Gonzo & Savage Skulls – Get The F__K Out Of My House (Original Mix)

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