EDM’s Second Life

Have you heard of ResLive.com yet? If not, be prepared for a sort of mix between Second Life, World of Warcraft, and your choice of nightclub (or beach party). ResLive is a virtual music world that has already attracted some big-name talent for its virtual concerts: Jody Wisternoff played today, and in the near future both John Dahlback and Max Vangeli will be putting on shows.

Characters in ResLive are fully animated and come with an arsenal of dance moves, the majority of which are actually pretty lively. Of course, you have the standard WASD/arrow key for movement, but a particularly enticing feature is the ability to fly from locale to locale. Just today I had the chance to “break it down” (a move in the dance catalog) with fellow clubber Pineapple_grl_1. We chatted a bit about the music, but before long her friends had to fly her away. And off into the sky she went.

Being honest, I don’t think that virtual club life destinations like ResLive are going to pose any serious threat to brick and mortar establishments. Actual body movements (i.e. dancing), true face-to-face interactions with fellow lovers of house music, and perhaps most saliently, a club’s booming sound system are inimitable.

But it’s going to be very interesting to see where projects like this lead. Already I foresee the rise of digital high rollers: users who fork over actual money for electronic currency that can be used to purchase perks such as flashy clothing, bottle service, VIP tickets, and immediate entrance into the venue.

Of course, such talk is speculative at this point. But we shouldn’t be too surprised if, and when, it happens.