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Exclusive Interview: Tim Mason + The Moment

Definition of Massive – impressively large or ponderous; imposing in excellence or grandeur.

This song was the number one tune on our Miami chart. Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Angello, Axwell, Swedish House Mafia, Norman Doray and Thomas Gold all played this track (there were probably dozens more unfortunately I was not able to see them) during Miami Music Week. Often times, when these major artists dropped ‘The Moment’ it was the highlight of their set…the crowd was in the air through most of it. What does this mean? First, Tim Mason has come out of the gates in impressive fashion. Second, who is not excited to see what is brewing in his studio? If he can create this what else does he have in store?

Ever since a few previews surfaced via YouTube with Steve Angello playing it in his live sets, everyone has waited in anticipation. When your track initially gets mistaken for a Swedish House Mafia production, you know you are in good company. ‘The Moment’ dropped on Size Records, the face and owner of the label (Steve Angello) created his own edit to Tim’s original version. If you play this in the gym..you will increase muscle mass. If you play this in your car..you may reach triple digits in the miles per hour column without even noticing it. Just know that everything is amplified with ‘The Moment’ in your life. Pilots in training should be required to listen to this in order to take flight. Fist pump aggressively to this one folks.

Original Mix [MONSTER #1]…

Steve Angello Edit [MONSTER #2]…

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Exclusive Interview: Tim Mason + The MomentTim Mason2

Tim Mason takes the time to sit down and chat with Dancing Astronaut about his new track (out today!) and what he has in store for us in the near future!

DA: Hey Tim, initially when ‘The Moment’ hit the airwaves people considered it the newest Swedish House Mafia track. We soon found out it was done by you. Since you are relatively new to the big time DJing/ EDM scene, tell us a little about yourself?

TM: I’m 25 years old, from Brighton. Been involved in the music production for quite some time but only recently did I finally decide to release my own material.

DA: Everyone at Dancing Astronaut is waiting for ‘The Moment’ to drop on April 6th (just a day away!). Since it is dropping on Steve Angello’s imprint Size Records, how did you meet Steve or get the song to him?

TM: It was given to Size through my manager.

DA: What do you have going on in 2011? We recently just got news of your festival remix of ‘Open Your Eyes’, besides that anything else?

TM: Currently working on a new remix for TV Rock, more remix requests coming in but I’m concentrating on new original material for now.

DA: Where will your first gigs be? Any festivals you are lined up to play at?

TM: Playing in Hull at The Welly this Friday, also been told about a few more gigs in Europe that just got confirmed.

DA: What sort of hardware/software do you use for your productions? Are there any plug-ins you cannot live without?

TM:I combine both hardware and software and get the best out of both. You need a couple of good hardware compressors and effect units, but then the Waves stuff is amazing.

DA: What tracks would be incorporated into a Tim Mason live set?

TM: Anything that I’m into at the moment. I don’t really just stick to one sort of genre. I’m into any genre, from Boys Noize to SHM!

DA: Every big name DJ dropped ‘The Moment’ in their respective Miami sets. We saw Thomas Gold, Steve Angello, SHM at Masquerade Motel all drive the crowd upside down. What does this mean for your career and how much fan mail/opportunities are you receiving now?

TM: It’s exciting to get this kind of reaction but I’m looking forward to what is gonna come next. And yes, that is all starting to come in quite regularly as well :)

DA: Since your name is circling through the EDM world currently, how has your life changed from this time last year to now?

TM: It has changed a lot!

DA: As your career takes off..where do you see yourself in 5 years?

TM: Making music and rocking clubs! :)

Special thanks to Tim Mason and his management team for giving us the opportunity to meet the creator of arguably the biggest track of the year!

This track is so good that I know you wanted to hear it one more time!