Hagenaar & Albrecht – Won’t Let You Down (Albin Myers Remix)Albinmyers

Hagenaar & Albrecht – Won’t Let You Down (Albin Myers Remix)

Albin Myers has come out with two remixes in the last few days that have been highly anticipated. The original mix of “Won’t Let You Down” (if you haven’t heard it you can here<

/a>) was released in early December and is a poppy progressive track. Albin Myers incorporates his crazy electro style while fusing it with the chorus of the original. If you remember our top 50 tracks of 2010 post, the original almost crept into the list (it was listed as a ‘snub’). Swedish DJ’s keep pumping out some brilliant remixes/tunes. Is it Holland or Sweden for most dominating house nation right now?

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