Interview: Gina Turner @ Mixmash Records/Pacha NYC Pool Party – MiamiDJGT Grid

Interview: Gina Turner @ Mixmash Records/Pacha NYC Pool Party – Miami

DA: We are here with the lovely Gina Turner at the Mixmash and Pacha NYC pool party. How are you doing today?

Gina Turner: I’m doing great. I’m really happy. The Super You & Me party was last night and I’m a little tired but I had a short little set here and it’s been great.

DA: How was last night? What did you dress as?

GT: I was Freddy Krueger because I feel like at these parties every one dresses like the typical super hero. I feel like it’s about being yourself and finding your own thing. And I just thought it was cooler to be villain I guess.

DA: How was your set this afternoon?

GT: It was cool. It was nice and short got to play a little deep. And, it was nice to see some of the people from my other shows in Florida came out and some New Yorkers! People were like talking pictures of me and I was like that’s a New York accent! That’s cool. Kind of old town.

DA: What’s your event schedule like this week?

GT: Yesterday I did the Sound Pellegrino party, which was really fun and with all my friends and I love that label. Then of course I went to Super You & Me, but as a guest (or a villain). Then the Mixmash today and tonight I am curating my own party. The whole idea behind it is Night People vs. Below the Baseline. So I have Lee Foss, who I love production-wise and DJ-wise, Djedjotronic from Boys Noize, the Sound Pellegrino thermal team, Eli Escobar, Jemz, Lloydski, and Jay-You. It’s a big lineup but there is two rooms and it is going late. It starts at 8PM and there’s a question mark at the end. And I’ve asked some special guests to come so we’ll see what happens.

DA: So is that the event you are most excited for this week?

GT: Yeah, I really love throwing my own party. Last year, I didn’t throw my own party so it just feels good to be back in the saddle. Two years ago I threw a party called “Major” which was really fun. I had like Dada Life, DJ Falcon, Junior Sanchez, a ton of people.

DA: Do you change your sets around at all for events like these in Miami?

GT: Absolutely. I played early here today so I played a little deeper. But when I’m headlining at peak hour I’ll definitely play harder. I tend to kind of feel that I’m a chameleon in a sense when it comes to sets. That can alienate a lot of people in like the tech house scene because some people are like so serious. To me, though, it’s about having fun and playing music that I like. And I like a lot of different kinds of music so it’s cool.

DA: Are there any new tracks you are particularly excited about playing out this week?

GT: Yeah, I just finished a remix for Wax Motif. I’m really excited about it. I played it last night at the Sound Pellegrino party and the reception was great. It’s fun when you don’t hear it on a loud system; like you are finishing it in your hotel room on headphones. And then to actually get to play it out and see people clapping and video taping it is cool.

DA: How do you feel that a week like Miami Music Week affects your popularity as a DJ/Producer? Do you see a big spike when you go back to New York?

GT: My thing about Miami is when I’m here I want to network with people and go see DJs that I haven’t seen or that I can’t see all the time. It is all about it being a melting pot in Miami. So I try and talk to as many new people as I can and just hear new music! I wanna hear the random dude from Sweden that I’ve never heard before, you know. That’s cool to me. And that’s why my party tonight is Below the Bassline, showcasing people that I really like, that I feel should get some more play. That’s why I was very adamant about it being a free party. Some of these cover charges are ridiculous! You have to pay for your plane ticket, your hotel room, and pay to get into the parties??!! I want to give a free party and that’s it. It’s about having fun.

DA: Are there any producers in particular you are trying to see this week? Maybe any one you want to collaborate with in the future?

GT: Oh yeah. I am really excited to see Lee Foss tonight. I’ve only seen him DJ once and I feel like tonight he’s going to be in his element. I’d love to check out Jamie Jones because I always love watching him. I’d love to collaborate with both those people! Riva Starr also! He was amazing last night. I’ve seen him a bunch but he was great. In terms of excitement, I actually already answered this question in regards to Ultra earlier this week. It was like “Who are you most excited to see at Ultra?” I’ve actually never been to Ultra even though I’ve been to WMC like five times. Never been. So I’m actually going this year for the first time and I’m excited to see Gaslamp Killer. I’ve seen him DJ a million times but I want to see how he’s grown throughout the year. I used to work with him at a record store, so I want to see him at Ultra doing the Gaslamp Killer thing for a different crowd. I’m excited about that.

DA: In terms of 2011, what can we expect from Gina Turner moving forward? And is there any new stuff we should be on the lookout for?

We have a couple Nouveau Yorican tracks coming out for sure but this year in particular I’m focusing on my original music. That’s really it. I really just want to remix a lot more and get my originals out. It’s funny, I have all these ideas in my head and I just want to get them out, you know. They are on my computer, but I want to get them out to people. That’s really it.

DA: That’s great! We will definitely be on the lookout for some new stuff from you! Thank you so much for sitting down with us.

GT: Thanks for having me! I love Dancing Astronaut.

DA: Well we love you!

Thanks to Gina Turner, Mixmash, and Pacha NYC for the interview. Stay tuned for our review of the Mixmash Pool Party coming up shortly.