James Ash & Denzal Park – Titans (Denzal Park Remix)Denzal1

James Ash & Denzal Park – Titans (Denzal Park Remix)

Which is more important to house music – the beat or the melody? By the looks of more recent house releases, the beat almost always takes the cake as the dominant element.

Aussies James Ash (of the Rogue Traders) & Denzal Park have decided to say “F*ck that!” and buck the beat-centric trend by presenting us with “Titans” – a wildly melodic and uplifting house track that has one of the most moving, emotional builds I’ve heard in recent time.

I recommend listening from the very beginning if you are a sucker for ethereal piano progressions, but feel free to skip to 2:00 where the Lisa Gerrard-esque vocals kick in, leading up to the build at 2:45 that really makes this track shine. My personal plea:

April 7, 2011

DJs Around the World,

Please include this song in your live sets. Doing so will make many ears happy.



Also does anybody recognize the language the vocalist is singing in? I’m dying to know.

UPDATE: The vocals are sung in “Hopelandic” by none other than Jonsi of Sigur Rós. Many thanks to Matthew Kent and Jeffrey Lan for their sleuthing.

James Ash & Denzal Park – Titans (Denzal Park Remix):