KATO – Celebrate Life (ft. Jeremy Carr)KATO DISCO

KATO – Celebrate Life (ft. Jeremy Carr)

If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Carr, take note because he is currently one of best and most sought-after male vocalists of EDM. His work on Ercola & Heikki’s “Deep At Night” landed him a nomination for “Best Progressive House/Trance track” at the 2009 Digital Music Awards, ultimately creating other opportunities to work with big-name DJ’s. Carr sums up his past, present, and future projects here rather nicely:

“I love to work with creative talent, there are so many amazing producers out there”, Jeremy says. “Working with producers Adam K & Soha, DJ Antoine, Avicii, Belletrax, The Disco Fries, KATO, Mysto & Pizzi, Sunfreakz and Wendel Kos has been an inspiration for me. Support from fans, radio and the record labels has been an incredible source of power for me.”

Realizing his vocal talents, Danish DJ KATO wasted no time in asking Carr to join him on “Celebrate Life,” a brand spanking new banger off Discolized 2.0 that will surely get some serious circulation this summer (how’s that for a tongue twister?). Currently atop the Danish iTunes charts, the entire song comprises almost strictly build-ups with zero time wasted on filler – a welcome change from the usual 7-minute tracks that require wading through 5 minutes of fluff to get to the good stuff.

KATO – Celebrate Life (ft. Jeremy Carr):

Catchy claps and layered trance synths lead up to the 1:00 mark, where KATO cleverly uses dramatic pause to enhance the anticipation that we all relish in our favorite trance and house builds. If you’ve gotten bored of your week’s playlist, “Celebrate Life” should take you through the weekend.

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