Pray For More f. Lois Zarculea – Turn The Beat Around (Ghosts of Venice Remix)

This sexy new disco house track was part of the Miami 2011 WMC Sampler, but you all probably recognize it from way back. Released for the first time in 1976 as a disco track, it was revamped in the ’90s by Gloria Estefan and Laura Branigan as a pop hit: the perfect kind of track to be remixed by Ghosts of Venice. Lee Dunn, the 23 year-old DJ and producer behind Ghosts of Venice, adds some great synths and a slapping bassline to turn it into a house chiller.

You might remember Ghosts of Venice from his remix of James Talk and Ridney’s “Forever,” but his notable tracks don’t end there. If you dig his style, check out his smooth remixes of Pray For More’s “Everybody Dance” and Burns and Fred Falke’s “You Stopped Loving Me.”

Everybody Dance (Ghosts Of Venice Mix)

You Stopped Loving Me (Mix Chopin & Ghosts Of Venice Remix)

Full Release: Beatport