Review: Laidback Luke presents Super You & Me @ LIV, MiamiSuperyouandme E1301517538539

Review: Laidback Luke presents Super You & Me @ LIV, Miami

Super You & Me may not have been a large festival type party like Ultra or Masquerade Motel but it was arguably the most fun event of Miami Week. A very talented lineup that featured Laidback Luke, Skrillex, Sidney Samson, Congorock, and Sandro Silva rocked a packed house on Wednesday night, March 23rd. Super You & Me combined a high rolling, Hollywood-esque, environment with a playful costume party atmosphere. Super You & Me was held at LIV, one of the ritziest clubs in South Beach, but that didn’t stop the DJs and audience from dressing in the traditional super hero or villain attire. Crossing wacky with classy turned out to be a major success. The audience took full advantage of the wild spectacle and they enjoyed the party alongside a star studded cast of DJs and celebrities.

LIVing the Glamorous Life

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LIV is one of two clubs located in the upscale Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach (Arkadia is the other). Due to a late flight, fellow Astronaut, Skyler (AKA Dirty Blue) and I weren’t able to arrive until after midnight but the party was scheduled to last from 10 PM to 5 AM (which is when all the club parties in Miami were ending last week) so we were still able to catch a majority of the show. Upon arrival, we joined the 50 person, painfully slow-moving line. The line was filled with Maxim magazine type women dressed in their nicest yet skimpiest dresses and an assortment of Jersey Shore type men with large muscles, skin tight V and U neck shirts, and carefully fashioned haircuts. The valets were kept very busy parking the various Lamborghinis and Mercedes’ that guests were arriving in. The ritzy scene outside only escalated when we entered LIV, ascending to the dance floor  on the double ivory white stairway. The second floor is lined with VIP sofas, all with excellent views of the stage. All this comes at a price, however, as most people found themselves shelling out $200+ for entrance and record high prices for drinks.

The Dress Code

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The Super You & Me dress code of hero, villain, and vixen was in effect although a surprisingly low portion of guests got the memo. It seemed that it was only the EDM connoisseur who made the effort to wear a costume. Maybe next time Super You & Me should offer a cut the line deal to everyone who follows the dress code. The bartenders did not disappoint with their costumes. It seems that in addition to requiring bartenders to be aspiring models or beauty pageant winners, LIV demanded high quality costumes (Catwoman… rowwrrr).

The Music

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Unfortunately for us, we missed the first two acts, Sandro Silva and Congorock, so we didn’t arrive until Sidney Samson was performing. In standard Sidney Samson fashion, he delivered some of the hardest hitting electro house drops known to man. Sidney’s remix of Rihann’s S&M prompted girls to make out. The Lil Jon Outta Your Mind remix was a precursor for the famous antics Lil Jon would display while standing on the DJ table later that night.

Rihanna – S&M (Sidney Samson remix)

Lil Jon – Get Outta Your Mind (Sidney Samson remix)

Sidney also played what seems to be his new remix of Diddy’s Coming Home.

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Skrillex was a good follow up to Sidney Samson because he has an aggressive, loud, high-energy style just like Sidney. Skrillex, normally standing shorter than other DJs in the booth, held a commanding presence thanks in part to his colorful Native American headdress. Swaying side to side to the rhythm of his abrasive sounds, Skrillex’s animated performance created a successful Dubstep display that won over a house-centric crowd. Skrillex opened his set with a brand new song that no one had heard before and followed it up with Rock N Roll. The crowd followed the rhythm of the tracks, jumping to the speed of the high BPM portions and switching to the slow grind for the dubstep breakdowns. Another crowd favorite was Skrillex’s remix of In for the Kill by La Roux, but one of the biggest highs was when he played one of the biggest tracks of the week, his remix of Benny Benassi’s Cinema.

Skrillex – Rock N Roll

La Roux – In for the Kill (Skrillex remix)

Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex remix)

Skrillex closed out his set with the smash single, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, a track that won best Dubstep Track at the Beatport Pool Party later that week.

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The final performance of the night came from Laidback Luke, the creator of Super You & Me and one of the most respected names in house music. After partying with Chuckie at the Cr2 Records party at the W, Lil Jon arrived at LIV in time to give Laidback Luke an introduction from the top of the DJ table. The stage was filled with several of the world’s biggest DJs. You can see Axwell in a white shirt at the top of the staircase, arriving in a timely fashion. LIV must have an endless supply of confetti because it was falling on us all night.

Dressed as a Transformer, Luke showed why he has remained on the cutting edge of EDM by playing a dynamic set that fused house, dubstep, and techie sounds effortlessly.

Maybe the most anticipated track of the night was Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, and Lil Jon’s new hit, Turbulence. It certainly is wild in an environment like that, especially with Lil Jon singing the vocals live.

One of my favorite moments of the entire night was when Laidback Luke played his EPIC mashup of Take Over Control, I Want Your Soul, and Divine Gosa. It’s incredible how he was able to blend those tracks into one. As he was playing it, Chuckie came out to greet him, arriving late due to his overlapping show at the Cr2 Records party. Here is a download link for the mp3.

Partying with the Stars

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Many of the parties of Miami Music Week 2011 were put on for the fans but Super You & Me was a party for DJs and celebrities alike. An eclectic mix of the biggest DJs in the world made appearances at Super You & Me. Tiesto spent a lot of time on stage chatting with friends and he even ventured through the dancefloor several times behind bulldozing security guards. Afrojack spent time on stage and could be seen wearing a Mario hat. Each member of the Swedish House Mafia came through the party at some point throughout the night. Axwell was perched on the staircase above the stage with an entourage boldly examining the crowd. We ran into Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso outside at 5:15 AM after the show was over and Axwell was sharing some philosophical musings before they were able to escape from a crowd of girls. Sebastian Ingrosso was pronouncing his name “Axell”. A-trak posted up on a higher position of the stage with a crew of female admirers. After playing his set at the Cr2 Record party, Chuckie arrived to stand with Luke for the end of his set. Other DJ appearances included Benny Benassi, Kaskade, Dirty South, Bingo Players and there were likely several others. In addition to the slew of DJ guests, there were some celebrities at hand. Lil Jon, Tommy Lee, and Ray J were some of the celebrities that we managed to spot.

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If one of Laidback Luke’s Super You & Me parties ever comes to your area, you must attend. We can’t guarantee that it will live up to a Miami Week Super You & Me at LIV but we can guarantee that you will have a fantastic night. Also, we wholeheartedly recommend that you wear a costume. Wearing a Dancing Astronaut costume will certainly get you noticed. Shout out to Hypnotiq ;)

Credit to Kirrill for the photography and StrokesPolo’s and Yayo for video.

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