Review: Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Bart B More, PeaceTreaty @ The Palladium, Hollywood 4.02.11

On Saturday, April 2nd, I ventured down south into Los Angeles for what turned out to be quite the crazy and memorable night. Subs that pumped thousands of watts of goodness were spread throughout the Palladium venue located along Sunset Boulevard.  When is the last time you set foot in a venue capable of hosting over 4,000 attendees? Insomniac, the innovators of the legendary party massives thrown in California yearly, aimed to throw an enhanced concert series event consisting of Sweden’s Dada Life, Netherland’s Bart B More, Los Angeles’ own PeaceTreaty and Steve Aoki.

I arrived at the Palladium around 10 PM and could immediately feel the vibrations of the fans jumping to the beats and drops of Los Angeles trio PeaceTreaty. After a little exploring of the massive room with a loft on either side of the stage, I knew I would be in for nothing short of a wild date with EDM.


PeaceTreaty comprises members Josh Anaya, Sam Hiller, and Angelo Patroni and recently has gained sizeable attention from house big wigs such as Laidback Luke and Afrojack; the trio released one of their first EP’s on Dimmak called Cal State Anthem. On this particular evening, PeaceTreaty opened with a fade-in of Calvin Harris‘s Awooga of which the crowd took immediate notice. Once the song hit its stride, the crowd went absolutely bonkers through to the end. PeaceTreaty quickly transitioned into one of Kaskade‘s newest mash ups, Angel On My Shoulder Reaver 76, triggering chanting from the crowd; by the time the lyrics “and took me right back down to hell” hit, the whole attendance was singing and  PeaceTreaty filtered out the track.  By the time Tiesto’s and Hardwell’s, “Zero 76“ kicked in the crowd was on a nonstop rampage – definitely one of the crowd favorites of the night.

Calvin Harris- Awooga 

Kaskade- Angel On My Shoulder Reaver 76 (Kaskade Mash-Up) 

PeaceTreaty then ended their set with a huge mash up of Sweden’s best in the form of “Together Nillionaire (Sebastian Ingrosso Bootleg)” by Axwell, Ingrosso and coming star Alesso. This one of my favorite big house tracks at the moment and no surprise it rocked the crowd. (check the video out below)

Bart B More

Bart van der Meer Aka Bart B Morehas become one of the Netherlands top producers over the last few years and continues to further his style of booming dutch electro tracks that bring the house down. I was fortunate enough to see Bart in San Francisco back in February where he played a handful of tracks from Afrojack, Boys Noize, and Laidback Luke alongside his own. Bart’s big room electro track “Brap” was played countless times in Miami and has peaked at #14 on “Top Tracks of Miami“.

Saturday at the Palladium, this Dutch star dropped a barrage of dance & electro tunes that had the crowd hypnotized. As PeaceTreaty set was coming to and end, Bart started his set off with an edit of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, which warmed up the crowd and eventually transitioned into Green Velvet’s “Flash (Nicky Romero remix),” a dancing astronaut favorite; the sharp Dutch beats pulsated throughout the room giving the fans a huge rush of excitement. Bart also threw in Mumbai Science’s huge track “Ancova”.

Green Velvet- Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)

For the last 30 minutes of his set, Bart threw down some of his newest remixes along with some of his biggest hits. First in line, was his remix of Tai’s “Big Bass Drum” boasting lyrics that echoed throughout the Palladium. From this track Bart slowly mixed in one of his and Harvard Bass’s tracks titled “Listen To This”, which currently stands as one of my personal favorites. Overall, Bart’s style throughout his set consisted of mellow tracks that had huge drops.

Harvard Bass & Bart B More- Listen To This 

Nearing the end of his set, Bart eventually dropped some of his most appreciated original tracks. “Brap” was he first to appear of the bunch, which I’ve seen/heard Boys Noize drop back at Electric Daisy Carnival and back in New York on Halloween weekend; all you need to know is that I raged and I raged hard. Suddenly out of nowhere I began to hear random lyrics from Cee Lo Green and sure enough it was Bart’s remix of “F**k You” that filtered in as the crowd starting singing along throwing their middle fingers up. The next drop was “Music, Music, Music” a track Bart B More released with Gilles back in January. The track is mediocre in my opinion, but he opened with it when I saw him last in February and the crowd loved it. Last but not least, Bart threw in my favorite remix of his to date: Drop the Lime’s “Sex Sax”. I like his remix better than the original and, from the looks of it, so did the crowd. Thank you, Bart B More.

Bart B More- Brap

Cee Lo Green- F**k You (Bart B More Remix) 

Drop The Lime- Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix)

Dada Life

The moment the crowd caught a glimpse of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom – the two individuals behind the venue-smashing Swedish duo Dada Life – screams erupted in anticipation accompanied by banners that read “<3 Dada Life”. The dynamic duo came stocked with lots of bananas, plenty of champagne, and a barrage of serious dance tunes. The duo were introduced by the crowd screaming “Dada Life” over and over until Stefan & Olle started the party with their set with snippets of “WhiteNoise/RedMeat”, “Cookies with a Smile”, “Just Bleep Me”, and their remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty”. The medley was played for a solid few minutes until everything came to a screeching halt at the end of the bassline. The crowd roared in eagerness for their fill.

Dada Life aimed to please, playing all of their tracks ranging from 2009’s “Happy Hands and Happy Feet” to the more recent “Fight Club Is Closed.” off Spinnin’ Records. Some highlight tracks of the night included their remixes of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, “White Noise/Red Meat”, “Fight Club Is Closed”, Calvin Harri’s “Awooga” and Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso’s remix of “For Sale”. In true Dada fashion, both DJ’s began busting open bananas, whilst chugging and spraying champagne as Angello’s and Ingrosso’s remix of “For Sale” masterfully gelled with Gwen Stefani’s acapella of “Hollaback Girl” saying “This shit is bananans, B-A-N-A-N-A-S”. Eventually both Stefan and Olle emerged from their booth with a box of a hundred bananas and threw the signature fruit into the crowd as loads of confetti layered the crowd. After all the bananas were done being thrown Stefan then jumped into the crowd as fans went stormed the EDM star. Dada Life destroyed the Palladium and were arguably the Most Valuable Astronauts of the night.

Buy Now- For Sale (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix 

Lady Gaga- Born This Way (Dada Life Remix)

Dada Life- White Noise/Red Meat

Dada Life- Fight Club Is Closed

Steve Aoki

To end the night, the face and creator of Dimmak Records Steve Aoki threw down a thunderous set with a bunch of bangers.  I’ve seen Aoki a handful of times and the way he entertains is truly unique, dipping more into the wild side. Never scared to bring out some hard rock to get the crowd rowdy and mosh-pitting, Aoki has released countless number of tracks that tend to bring the house down show after show. Just after emerging with his long hair to his name being chanted, Aoki started off his set with Armand Van Helden’s single “Brrrat!”, a high energy electro track that never seems to disappoint the fans. He also managed to slip in two versions of the Bloody Beetroots’ hit track “One” featuring himself and one of the Beetroot’s own. “Warp 1.9” is a crowd favorite, regardless of time or place. The most exhilarating part of Aoki’s sets are when he screams into his mic to get the crowd reinvigorated. 4,000 fans scream and shouting in unison “1,2, Whoop!  Whoop!” really brought the venue to life.

Steve Aoki & Armand Van Helden- Brrrat! 

Bloody Beetroots Ft. Steve Aoki- Warp 1.9 

From “Warp 1.9” Aoki faded into one of his recent, more recognizable tracks “Higher, Higher, Higher” that was met with fans chanting “We Hit Turbulence!!”  The song hit its eventual stride and ss the track was building up for its second drop, Aoki jumped off the DJ booth shaking a bottle of champagne patiently waiting to spray the fans. (see video below)

He then moved on to his and Afrojack’s unreleased track called “No Beef” which eventually segued into “Effed up Camel.” Then for the third time this evening, he played Calvin Harris’s “Awooga” Surprisingly the crowd didn’t seem to mind as they desperately tried touching the ceiling of the Palladium. After going onto “Wake Up Call” by himself and Sydney Samson, Aoki walked off stage and stood up on the balcony in preparation to jump off a balcony. (see video below)

Steve Aoki & Afrojack- No Beef

The energy very quickly went from high to insane as Dada Life’s Stefan & Olle came onto the stage while “White Noise/Red Meat” was blaring in the sound systems. Everyone in the crowd went bonkers. In true Aoki fashion, he suddenly grabbed two random fans and threw them on two separate rafts, sending the event’s two happiest fans drifting away into the sea of people. The moment Aoki’s remix of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit Of Happiness” dropped, Stefan and Aoki then jumped into the rafts themselves to embrace their fans.

Kid Cudi- Pursuit Of Hapiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

Overall, the electrifying energy in the room from all the performers was excellent and was a truly a mini “massive” event with such huge headliners crammed into a single night. As we left the premises all I could feel was triumph because on this evening we experienced out-of-worldly music that shook the Palladium at its core.

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