Wynter Gordon – Til Death (Remixes)

Wynter Gordon – Til Death (Remixes)Wynter Gordon Interview

Finally! Been waiting for this release for a while. Wynter Gordon has been steadily blowing up since Dirty Talk, her debut out of nowhere. The full package comes equipped with a huge assortment of remixes. We already gave you previews of the Dan Castro and R3hab remixes, but this track comes with, oh let’s see: 7 different remixes! Clearly Wynter Gordon has the EDM world excited if so many artists are reshaping her work. You don’t seem very excited; let’s change that:

Right off the bat, we have the Dan Castro remix we previewed for you lucky readers.

Ok, you say, been there/done that. What else do you have for me? Well, how about some R3hab? (Keep an eye out for 1:30 and 3:00.)

Now, for our more electronic-inclined readers, we have the PolenRockers Remix, which really gets interesting around 1:00 and 1:40. (The full package also comes with a radio edit of their remix.)

Fine, fine, but you’re a seasoned EDM veteran. You’re not impressed by simple electro edits. You want to hear something that will blow up a dancefloor. A remix that would destroy a festival, maybe? Big build ups? BIGGER DROPS? Ok, fair: check out Ken Loi‘s Club Mix. But be patient, the good gets better starting at 4:00.

Hopefully by now you’re on board. But perhaps you’re not sold. You want to hear something more Top 40? Something a little more KatiePerry-esque, you say? Interesting. Well, luckily for you, we have something right up your alley: the Denzal Park remix (which also has its own radio edit; this is the extended version.)

And maybe, just maybe, you’re here because you want to hear Wynter Gordon, pure and unedited. We love accommodating our user’s preferences, so if that’s what floats your boat, check out the original:

Hey, you know what? I’ll even throw in a remix that’s not included in the official package. Here’s the WaWa Extended Mix (synths synths and more synths.)

Til Death Do We Party!

Full Release: Beatport

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