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Afrojack & Quintino – Selecta (Original Mix)

There are a select few individuals that are both great DJ’s and amazing producers. Afrojack qualifies as one of them. The one word that epitomizes Afrojack’s lifestyle is: BRO. He teams up with Quintino (a great up and coming Dutch DJ) to create “Selecta”. Insiders (Jared F) tell me that Afrojack is primed for a tear on the house world. Be prepared to grab your dance shoes, stock up on bottles of goose, and round up your friends…this is going to be one hell of a summer (for US residents).

WARNING: This song may cause you to yell ‘SELECTA’ ¬†at various family functions, sporting events, or parties. It will be ok though, because Afrojack is a household name now…even if you don’t listen to EDM.

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