Afrojack & R3hab – Prutataaa (Original Mix)

Afrojack is like a Las Vegas buffet. So many different options, the presentation is immaculate, and you want to eat everything. You could have entire parties with just Afrojack produced tracks/remixes and it would be a spectacular. Let us move onto the next producer of “Prutataaa”…R3hab’s new remixes of “Judas” and “Give Me Everything” are insane, however the complaint is “why does everything sound the same?”. We think “Prutataaa” just gave you a large dose of that ‘difference’ you were looking for.

Side Note: If Afrojack is a Las Vegas buffet, then R3hab has to be the equivalent to an “In N Out” restaurant right? Only a few options, but each choice is otherworldly. “Pump The Party” has to be the ‘animal burger’ right?

Side Note (2): Is there anything wrong with R3hab using similar sounds in some of his remixes as long as it still produces a great result? Cant we all just sit back and inherently know that this young DJ/Producer will one day become a juggernaut of our industry?

Back to Afrojack…if we were to rank DJ’s in a level pyramid scheme where you divide the pyramid into five different sections (tier 5 being the base and tier 1 being the tiny triangle at the top). Isn’t Afrojack a mortal lock for being one of the tier 1 DJ’s? Can you name 10 DJ’s that you would rather see ┬áconsistently over Afrojack?

Side Note (3): I know what you are thinking. Dancing Astronaut loves Afrojack, therefore our vision is skewed/biased. Let us take a look at some facts. When you are buying tickets for Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend , you will notice that Tiesto and Afrojack are both headlining two different pool parties during the same time. I’ll give you one guess as to which show sold out the fastest. If you guessed ‘Afrojack’ you would be correct (if your answer was Tiesto, then re-enrolling in the 3rd grade might do you some good). This is Tiesto folks, arguably one of the biggest names in music (let alone EDM) and Afrojack tickets are selling faster. Interesting stuff.

One of the highlight moments of his set at Ruby Skye was when he dropped “Prutataaa”, needless to say the crowd lost their collective shit. If for some reason you don’t like the track because you are listening to it on your laptop speakers, wait till you hear it live and then get back to us.

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