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Afrojack @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 4.16.2011

There are a select few human beings in the world that can withstand multiple nights of raging, and

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still bring the heat. Afrojack falls into this category. After playing an incredible set at Coachella on Friday (some of the Astronauts were lucky enough to witness it), he flew to San Francisco to play one of the most exciting live performances we have ever been a part of. Many of us were able to see Afrojack at TAO, and while seeing a DJ at a festival is a great spectacle, an intimate club setting is a whole different experience. Ruby Skye’s dancefloor extends right up to the base of the stage and the upstairs viewing section allows you to lean over and watch (almost) directly above the DJ.

Quick Tangent #1: Normally,when you get to a popular event in a large city and you arrive at around 10-10:30 PM, the line outside is usually manageable and you can expect to get in before 11 PM, however on this particular Saturday, eager fans were lined up much earlier than expected. The gentlemen were dressed the part, and the ladies were looking prime.

Important Tip: For those of you that do not go to Ruby Skye often, here is a smart time-saving tip that everyone should exercise: Doors normally open around 9 PM (sometimes even earlier). If you have planned your night in advance, you should go get your ‘stamp’ early when there will be absolutely no line. This eliminates waiting in the line that starts to develop as the evening progresses.

Afrojack’s Set: The Beginning: Trevor Hewitt played a nice (banger filled) opening set. The crowd was already a little rowdy and the euphoria set in right when Afrojack appeared on stage. Think of an NHL playoff game, the crowd is always cheering/jeering, but when a fast break or a fight occurs the madness just increases everyone’s excitement. This same type of energy occurred at Ruby, along with the standard chanting of AFRO-JACK! AFRO-JACK! (Don’t believe it? Watch the beginning of the video below!)

Quick Tangent #2: Afrojack is a massive human being. We are not just saying that because everything he produces is awesome, but he also has a large physical presence. This means that Afrojack’s aura is even larger than you may have previously imagined it. We bring this up because not only does it increase the energy he emanates but it also makes it easier to actually see him from the bottom of a rowdy crowd. You have all been there (unless you are a giant yourself) when some tall person raises his arms directly in front of you and your vision decreases by 90%. This doesn’t happen when watching Afrojack (or Calvin Harris for that matter).

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Afrojack’s Set: The Beginning (cont): Things heated up immediately when Afrojack proclaimed that Ruby Skye needed to “Make Some F***ING NOISE”. First song of the night was…

Afrojack – Bangduck

After a bomb like “Bangduck” you’d think Afrojack would have allowed people to catch their breath. It became apparent that this set was made for only the fittest of house lovers. Another wave of excitement followed as these lyrics started to play…”Bounce little kitty, bounce little kitty”.

Larry Tee ft. Roxy Cottontail – Let’s Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)

The crowd was engulfed in Afrojack’s energy, loving his every added effect and clinging to every word he spoke into the mic (one of Afrojack’s favorite things to do by the way). An immediate uproar discharged when Eva Simmons’ beautiful voice sounded over the track that was playing. As soon as everyone heard “T-t-take over control” the crowd left their feet, cameras and cell phones in hand. He was only teasing us though, saving his monumental track for later on in his set. We were not disappointed, however, because Calvin Harris’ “Awooga” was the next song Afrojack mixed in. Suprised? We were too.

Calvin Harris – Awooga

Quick Tangent #3: This is a question for all you DJ’s out there. Is Awooga not one of the easiest songs to mix into one of your sets? On top of that it is a monster live. It’s no wonder Afrojack decided to drop it at Ruby Skye.

Afrojack @ Ruby Skye San Francisco 4.16.2011201571 194974693880824 139999882711639 555583 1958589 O

Afrojack’s set: The Middle: We have never seen so many people look around, stunned, mouthing the words ‘WOW’ to one another. The excitement peaked with the drop of his remix of “Satisfaction”, which sports one of the most recognizable lyrics in EDM history. The crowd was jumping well before the hard drop even hit.

Benny Benassi pres. The Biz – Satisfaction (Afrojack Remix)

It doesn’t get any better than this right? Wrong. Afrojack proclaimed “You guys f***ing rock!”, and then he dropped his remix of Example’s “Kickstarts”.

Quick Tangent #4: Don’t you love it when the lights get dimmed almost to pitch black, you hear the lyrics of one of your favorite songs (in this case “you want me to come over I got an excuse”) and then the lights flash pure white, allowing you to catch a clear glimpse of the DJ and everyone around you going absolutely nuts? This is what happened during “Kickstarts”. Easily one of the best moments of the night.

Example – Kickstarts (Afrojack Remix)

As a DJ, it must feel great to have the entire crowd know the lyrics to your song and sing along to every word. As an EDM/Afrojack fan (yes we are assuming everyone who likes EDM happens to like Afrojack…how could you not?) you should know exactly what song came next.

Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control

When Afrojack starts fist pumping, and his background dancers start going nuts you know its time for the highlight of the night. What’s that you say? Yup. “Doing It Right” was played. It was loved. It was big. Has Dancing Astronaut ever jumped higher in our lives? Not that we can remember. After the first drop finished, the crowd started clapping for the duration of the tune. Goosebumps did travel down our spines.

Afrojack – Doing It Right (Original Mix)

People surrounding us were giving each other hugs. Afrojack had strangers embracing other strangers like life long friends. Many people were not allowed to finish their hugs, because the sounds of Afrojack’s latest song, “Aces High (Prutata),” began to fade in. We didn’t know what hit us until the bubbly opening, after that the folks at Dancing Astronaut smiled and yelled “Prutata!”

Afrojack’s set: The End: The clock ticked approximately 1:50 in the morning. Most of the time you can sense when a DJ is getting ready to close up shop, but with Afrojack there was no letting up. Big moments followed bigger moments as the crowd’s chanting continued when he dropped “The Time (Dirty Bit)”. Another one of those sing-a-long type tracks. The bass never got louder during the night.

The Black Eyed Peas – The Time (Dirty Bit) [Afrojack Remix]

Minutes later (after a few trips to the bar and back) we heard the opening to “Barbra Streisand”. The original was one of the biggest dance tunes of the year, and Afrojack followed it up with his remix – if you have not heard it live…you are definitely missing out.

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Afrojack Remixes)

A few tracks later, Afrojack continued the onslaught with his arms raised in the sky as he dropped his brand new tune “Selecta”. If you were wondering whether we yelled “SELECTA” at every given opportunity, the answer is an emphatic YES.

Afrojack & Quintino – Selecta

The last big moment (and track) was when Afrojack looked as if he was about to let Trevor Simpson back on stage, when he grabbed the mic and asked Ruby Skye whether they wanted one more tune. What were we going to say? No? Yeah right! The same way Afrojack finished his TAO set on New Years Day…Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (Afrojack Remix)!

Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (Afrojack Remix)

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Quick Tangent #4: What track do you feel was missing from above that should have been covered in this review? I’ll give you a minute to think. Did anyone answer with…Replica? Oddly enough, it was not incorporated into the set.

At the end Afrojack came to the front of the stage and was graciously dealing out high fives to a swarm of loyal fans who had stayed in the front row trenches throughout the entire show. A very nice end to an unbelievable night. SELECTA!