Avicii – Levels (Original Mix)AVICII Graphic

Avicii – Levels (Original Mix)

Live rips and partial bootlegs of this unfinished song (formerly titled “ID“) have been countlessly uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud, garnering mil

lions of hits from people clamoring for its release. After months of teasing, Avicii has finally unleashed the much anticipated single under the new moniker “Levels;” if the hype is any indication, this track will ring prominently in venues across the globe.

As stated in previous posts and highlighted in our exclusive interview, Avicii embodies house’s modern day melody master. Without him, the genre would remain a boring subset of categorically mundane, repetitious 1/8th distortions that initially catapulted artists like Sidney Samson and Afrojack into the limelight; unfortunately, this simply isn’t sustainable. Unlike most of house’s headliners, Avicii harnesses melodies to give his songs life, which in turn give his audiences something tangible (and musical) to connect with.

While it confounds us that most other DJs have not fully realized this, we can only hope that they will eventually follow suit in creating original songs with more focus on sentiment and intonation. For now, “Levels” will have to do.

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