3R – Don’t You (Club Mix)3R

3R – Don’t You (Club Mix)

UPDATE: Thanks to DA reader Eazer, we have verified that this song is not by Axwell, Ingrosso, and Angello, but is rather a track from 3R. Thanks for your sleuthing! It appears the entire EDM community has been had.

There is a rumor floating about the EDM blogosphere that the Swedish House Mafia all-stars Axwell, Ingrosso, and Angello have released their newest vocal track “Another Way.” If this is the case, the trio has been hard at work behind the scenes to recreate the perfect storm and are now testing the waters with this rather unexpected leak.

Scarily reminiscent of the venue-busting hit “One,” “Another Way” features almost identical synth elements that are coupled in similar fashion with muddied male vocals, fitting the supposed winning formula. But will “Another Way” resonate as much with die-hard SHM fans?


Assuming this leak is legitimate, I personally wish the trio went for more originality instead of just rearranging the synths of their first major release. I have no doubt this song will still be enjoyed in large venues, but don’t expect anything terribly fresh (save the vocal melody) when you hit that play button.

3R – Don’t You (Club Mix):

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